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Dante in Verona

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What did it look like the Arena in Dante's time? And that relationship had the Great Poet with the Jeweish community in Verona? This and more will be dealt during the cultural walk in Verona. A path that will star the whole city, throught the eyes of Dante Alighieri, who lived in Verona at intervals alternate from 1303-1304 and 1312-1318.

This tour will be revisited the city of Verona at the time of the Poet, with particular attention to places frequented during his exile in Verona. A walking tour will across Palaces of Scala's family, the Church of St. Elena (possible visit), the House of Capulets, the outside of the Library "Capitolare" and the all the famous places of Verona touched by passage of Danet Alighieri.

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