Accessible Tourism

turismo sostenibile

Tourism has become a primary social need, a tool of knowledgement and personal empowerment for all people, both normally able or not. The Mission of our cultural association of official local tour guides is ensuring access to everybody’s tourist experience, regardless of the personal and social conditions or any other nature tending to restrict the use and enjoyment of this common good. Accessible tourism is the highest expression of the objective of civilization which at our present  time should aim.
Accessibility means absence of any architectural, cultural and sensory barriers,  is the indispensable condition to allow the use of the Italian and foreign tourist heritage. Therefore everyone must have the right to enjoy tourism in a comprehensive and independently way , by receiving suitable and therefore optimal services.
As an association of tour guides we take a particular attention of this issue, aware of over twenty years’ experience in tourism. We can support people with physical, intellectual and social disabilities so that their stay can be an affordable, accessible and above all enjoyable experience.
Our services are especially dedicated to groups, associations, individual travelers with disabilities or with other special needs such as the elderly and pregnant women, people with food allergies and people of every creed and religion.
Hence we are able to support and accompany you throughout their whole journey: from booking the best means of transport  to the most suitable accommodation such as hotels, apartments, B & Bs up to the tour more suited to your demands, to the booking of restaurants or wine bars or cellars according to your wishes and needs.

All our itineraries can be tailored to your needs. Here are some examples:
- General Verona - half day
- General Verona - full day
- Verona at Dante’s Time
- Roman Verona
- Medieval Verona
- Shakespearean Verona
- Venetian Verona
- Religious Verona
- Verona as a Minor Hierusalem
- Lake Garda - guided tour
- Soave Tour

-Tours with Wine Tastings: sensory tour
An experience of a visit to the cellar can involve all our senses. But how involving in such a totalizing way those who can not rely on all of their 5 senses? Sensory analysis is an unique and universal language capable of transmitting ideas and concepts in a simple, fun and above all interactive way.
This way the visitor as a spectator becomes an active part, to enjoy an accessible and usable experience. It is a way for approaching to the gourmet cuisine people with physical and intellectual disabilities, but also families with children, elderly and people with food allergies.
The people can try how their sense of smell and taste work, correlating the scents, flavours and sensations of the wine at certain moments of its production, thus learning the various stages of the supply chain. During the tour we visit the cellar where it is touched, literally with your hand, the different instruments by feeling the cold steel of the fermenters or the rough wooden barrels and more.
The trials can be repeated for other products such as oil, beer, cheese and all that our area has to offer.

For more information about proposals for Accessible Tourism:
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