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Verona Minor Hierusalem

verona religioda - s giorgio in braida


Verona or Minor Hierusalem, name by which, for a long time, it was know our city, draws on a tradition that dates back to the ninth century but that is probably even older. Infact, the first pilgrims of Verona returned from the Holy Land, saw the places of our city those sacred sites that reminded them of what they had just visit.
They built the places of workship there. Over time, the change of name town and many churches did lose this ancient memory which has remained the preserve of a few scholars.
The place of Verona Minor Hierusalem are eight churches that represent each time a stage of the life of Jesus Christ, including St. Maria of Nazareth, St. Maria in Organo, Saints Siro and Libera, Holy Trinity, St. Helena and St. Tuscany.
We propose a journey to discover the city of Verona in his role as religious of Minor Hierusalem: the visit will see the artistic aspect of the city is developing as a tour of groups of workshipers and art lovers who like nature trail.
We will visit the exterior (but you can also visit the interior after verification of availability) of the churches mentioned above and some major churches of the historical center such as San Zeno, a masterpiece of Romanesque art, St. Anastasia, splendor of Gothic Duomo, testimony of styles, arts and different historical moments that have marked the history of Verona and much more!

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